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February 28, 2012
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Biweekly School Sketches 12 by FrostheartIsSiamese Biweekly School Sketches 12 by FrostheartIsSiamese
A few things need to be explained here...

Applejack and part of Rainbow Dash belonged to a long drawing for the Trust Me meme, but since the file was so big I can really work on it without the computer crashing, Whoops! ^-^' But I really like how I drew AJ here!

And da kitty cat below AJ is Sunset (without a ref).

The three Frosty Starrs were part of another Trio image, but I haven't finished the other two. Basically, I put my real name into a generator that gave me a pony name, and then that into another generator for a design. Then for kicks and giggles I did FS' name. So, here she is meeting alternate "hers."

The other cat Warrun is hugging was his first design until I changed him AND his personality. He used to be a light tan tom that was a bit of a Fluttershy! Who knew! (The reason for the change was because I preferred the darker colors and too many of Tzu's boys were a little shy and nice. I spunked him up a bit. ;) )

That comic there is an uncolored version of :iconsycophantism:'s short fiction about Belial and his regret over the war. Just before he died. T.T ::TGB:: Something To Lose Cool orange eyes watched the she-cat from a distance, reflecting what little illumination the clearing provided. They seemed to gleam dangerously, but whatever emotions hid behind those hues were very carefully veiled. Each word reached his ears without difficulty, and even as the severity of the gathering intensified, the young tom's gaze did not waver. His expression revealed nothing of the mind behind it. Crouching in the shadows, the black fur of his face hiding him mostly from view, the blue-fire kept intentionally to the darkest corner of the clearing, away from all of the other cats. Detached from his tribe, the apprentice kept his foc

Below that are some concept ideas of how the Trio met! FS met SS at a book signing (I met :iconpuppys: online through an rp site based on our favorite novel, Warriors), FS met TP at a music center (I discovered :icontekaramity: on YouTube through his MPC's), and SS met TP while FS was drawing (Pups met Tek in one of my livestreams!).

Also, pssst. Bonus preview for my finished TGB Valentines collab pic with :iconcloverheartx:.

And last but not least, a school art project that I had to do about a surrealistic textured hand. I did TGB leaders.

Hope you enjoy this! =D
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cyfrostan Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2012
How was it not already in my favorites? I demand answers!

Starting from the top left corner... Such a shame, it honestly looks like something that should be finished. If your computer can't handle the whole awesomeness of your work, then chop it into bits and work on those maybe. It's just a suggestion not a request, though I see potential in this one.

Intentional misreading 101: Frosty Starr vs Tek Pony Eternal Staring Contest! To the death! (Or till death do them apart or whatever).

-Oh my god, a giant eyebrow!
-That's right a giant eyebrow.
-I can't believe what I'm seeing. A giant eyebrow. It's an eyebrow and it's giant.
-Yes, and that's not all. Come over here and prepare to witness something incredible.
-OK, but it's gonna be tough to beat that giant eyebrow.
-What you're about to see will change your life forever.
-Oh my god, another giant eyebrow! [link]

Gotta love the giant eyebrows on the original FS. If I'm not mistaken that's "The Same Moon" on the flank of the FS mark 2. Also isn't it kinda ironic that the pony based offa your human name is day themed while pony based of your pony name is obviously night themed. Regardless they all look smashing. Gotta love the giant eyebrows. Gotta love the mutliple versions of one character (that's always fun). And is it me or does this seem like a tumblr blog just waiting to happen? "Ask Frosty Starrs (and Solar Dasher too)"

Speaking of... Unintentional misreading 101: Confusing alternate version of a character for a romantic interest and thus confusing a simple everyday quantum clone bromance for romance. Well, obviously right? From the way he's hugging that lady looking cat without getting his face sliced in half. Still, gotta love the expressions, your expressions are always a sight to behold and cherish, Frosty.

Frostek always sounded silly to me. Both silly and adorable since, if "frost" were a polish word this is what it's diminutive would be spelled and pronounced. No kidding, "Frostek" could've very well been a polishized "Frosty". Anyway, it's incredibly cute and all, but on the picture below Frosty looks like she has a black eye and that's an unfortunate shortcoming of this pic that I had to note.

That kitty has a bat on it's mouth. He's a Batcat! (feels urge to link to the 60's Batman theme, doesn't do it) I gotta investigate those RP characters someday. Having a bat tatoo on your face must be awesome. He looks like in so much internal pain right now though, that;s part of the reason why I though posting a link would be inappropriate here.

I remember talking about those trio meeting paintings ages ago with Pups. I was something like "I know it's not a table, because the books upside down, but what is this" and even before that, at the very fist glance it looked like a cookie bag to me not a book. Anyway, those illustrations are wonderful and again the expressions are what sells this. I gotta say, the ones in Frostek meet are the most eye catching and prolly my favorite, but all of those are just spectacular.

Speaking of amazing, you school project is just that - amazing. No other way describe it. I seriously would want to have that picture here at home. Maybe print it in higher rez or something. Spectacular.
FrostheartIsSiamese Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2012  Student Filmographer
Yes the Duarara (sp) would've been fabulous. Oh well~

Also, I never realized that. o.o

Giant eyebrow? O.o

Day theme, night theme~

XDD Yeah, that was an original concept of Warrun. Can you believe he used to be more of a Fluttershy character? XDD

It's not a bat, it's a frowny face. DX

Aww thank you<3333

Thank you Cyfro! ^-^
Tekaramity Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2012
I'm so sorry for the very late comment. T.T -holds you closely-

Lessee...well, I already like this one since it features ponies. =) Let's explore further, though, shall we? ^^

Durararararararararazzafrazzin' ponies be takin' up space in the upper-left! =O I spy AJ, RD, Winona (what are you doing Winona, you're not a pony, =| go back to Pound Puppies......;p), and legs. :O I know you didn't complete this as you'd hoped to, Frost, but I still greatly admire you for tackling the concept. =) If nothin' else, it's AJ! And RD! And WN! (The pets could gain from acronyms too, eh?~~~okay nah.)

SUNSET kitty cat~!!! <3333 And yes. Yes. Yes, she absolutely makes that scowlin' face all the time in reality. o.o'''' eep~ Thank you so very much for drawing her again! =DDD <3333


The Trio ages better than any others ever. Awww. <3333 So apropos. Glad to see they all endured embraced their 'hippie' years, too. XDDD Not sure if Totally-Old Sunny Spring (T.O.S.S.) can see out of those...eye...things. Sorry love? Can't quite tell. Please don't take that to mean you did a poor job. v.v

YES YES YES Flim and Flam no longer exist the only traveling ponies are Frostek and they are BRINGING the hugs to a neighborhood near you. =^.^= Hee~ As they so well do. =3 And will do well always. <3333 I kinda-sorta wanna see this cleared one day, perhaps fleshed out and expanded first, but definitely full-color style. =) No pressure though. ^^;

Frosty, what are you making of those imitators? I'll offer a suggestion: Squashed Tomatoes. </lost-in-translation?>

Behold, Warrun after one (which is too many) soda: Duuude I gotta tell you about this BIIIIIIRD so I totally eated it and~ *hugsh*

I really adore the little birdy next to Warrun btw. @.@ <3333

When I see the sign of the Fish, I shall come again. I will always return for you. <=)

No such thing as "too" splashy - at least, in water. Water drenches. Mud does not drench. Mud is yucky. x.x

Bon-Bon above Hee-Haw-cord and - y'know, your sketches seem to be perkier than before! Perhaps they've added depth? :3 Either way, love 'em~<3333

Ohmygosh Frosty Starr being the most adorable pony again with that pre-teen face. @.@ <3333 And see, for Sunny, that's reading the book. Not right-side-up, mind you, or even upside-down - just reading it, period. Then we've Frostek meeting for the first time....and the best friendship ever was born. <3333 ^____^ Below that, we have Tekaramity, who is also Tekaramity, who is also Tekaramity, who just might be named Daniel Ingram! XDDD </classics never grow old>

I really have no idea how to react to that surreal Warrior hand. O__O It's really phenomenal, even intriguing, and brings one to pause...but, *why* does it do so? Is it the hostility of the finger cats? The relative tranquility of the setting? The cowardly (Tekky-style) kitty below? Or just that giant butterfly-hand-hoof-paw? (Strikingly beautiful, by the way~) Frost, I...really don't know what to say lucidly. Just...whatever this is, whatever you're trying to convey with this surrealistic textured hand, but it's...chillingly striking. Bravo, ma'am. Bravo. :worship:

Of course, you know what's coming, and you further know it's always true: I love you so much, Frosty my best friend, and I'll never *stop* loving you!!!!!! -glompy huggly huggly hugs!!!- I love you. <3333 Stay 100% awesome, please. <3333
FrostheartIsSiamese Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2012  Student Filmographer
No TV in comments, Tek! -holds so much<3-

Thanks! Yeah I'm sad the project didn't finish, but it was great experience! =)

You're welcome<333 I love Sunset! =D

Hippie years. XDD Technically, her eyes are closed there. S'okay, I didn't get that across very well. =S

And then they started a company. <3

Thanks! =D <333

I think you understand the "too splashy" part now~

Perkier? :O

Aww thanks<3333 Best friendship indeed<333 :OO

Thanks! I originally was gonna do a Discord hand, but he has too many parts to make it look cool. Oh well~ But thanks anyways! =D <333

~hugs huggly huggly glompy!!!~<333 I love you too, best friend! <3333
cyfrostan Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2012
I'm really curious as to what got lost in translation, how it got lost in translation and from what. I assume you can't lose something in translation from English to English. I didn't know you were multilingual.

That's because classics are already old.

I say, why stop her and 100%? She's fully capable of achieving more. After all, awesomeness is all about limit breaking.
Tekaramity Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2012
'Twas a Final Fantasy VII callback that no one else here would get. ;)

'Cause mathematically, there is nothing above 100%, not even for God or Frosty. :O But she'll stay at 100% - always! :heart: You as well, now, cyfro-boy.
cyfrostan Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2012
That's why I'm into physics more than the boring old math which takes for granted things like 2+2=4. It's up to physics to prove how utterly wrong that is (yes that's right, it can be so that in physics 2+2=/=4)

Limits are our stupid invention and while God resides within those, he also transcends them and is beyond our imperfections, such as our imperfect ideas of absolute. Furthermore, even in moth there's something like more than 100%. 120% for instance, since when it comes down to it 1% is basically 1/100=0.01=1% and there are some things such as more than 1 or more than a whole, like 2 wholes)
Tekaramity Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2012
Technically, we can't invent anything if an omniscient divinity exists. We can only discover things. However, while I realize physics toys with the fabric of reality, I'm much more comfortable in my Quietly Judging You T-shirt. =3
cyfrostan Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012
You forget were were created to with His creative spark, so yes, by design we can invent things. Besides I'm not inventing anything here, just discussing various views of reality and those views are valid both mathematically, physically and philosophically.
Tekaramity Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012
I can invent something that an omniscient Being hasn't?
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